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"God made the cat so that man might have the pleasure of caressing the lion ."

F. Mery

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Stillmeadow Golden Holidaze is retired and now available as a wonderful pet...


Stillmeadow Golden Holidaze is nicknamed Holly because she helped us celebrate the Christmas season in 2007. The unusual spelling of her name is a tribute to her father, Gogees Heavenly Daze. Holly is an incredible bengal. At her  first show as a kitten, Holly placed first in almost every ring. She even made seven finals!  Holly's coat has lots of glitter and rosettes with incredible contrast. She is very smart and loves people. She is retired and is available as a unique and beautiful pet who loves to spend time with her humans. 



A litter of kittens arrived on October 3, 2009 from Gogees Golden Gabrielle and Gogees Sundaze Child - just in time for Christmas!


      Meet "Clarence"! This beautiful marbled bengal boy  has a wonderful, outgoing personality in addition to his striking markings. He has the rarer marble pattern with swirls of golds, tans, and dark brown to black. He also is loaded with glitter and has an incredible face like a mountain lion...





Here is "George"! This striking spotted bengal boy  has incredible contrast, rosettes and lots of spots. He also has the rounded ears, lots of glitter and the beautiful round eyes of the Asian Leopard Cat...



This is "Zuzu" ! She is a an incredibly beautiful rosetted bengal girl. She has horizontal flow and very large rosettes. Her face is beautiful with large whisker  pads, round, nocturnal eyes, , and rounded ears and her coat has lots of sparkling glitter...



Meet "Violet"! What an incredibly beautiful , contrasted bengal girl. Violet has outlined rosettes on a clear background, a wild expression with rounded ears and tons of glitter...




Here is "Mary"! This sweet, spotted bengal girl  has incredible contrast, rosettes and lots of spots. Her face is beautiful with rounded ears and large whisker pads, her soft coat has lots of glitter, and she has the low build of the wild cat...





Please email if you wish to be on a waiting list for kittens. During these challenging economic times, many breeders are reducing their programs or closing altogether, making top quality bengals even more difficult to find.


The decision to add a pet to your family is not a decision to take lightly. A Bengal cat may live fifteen years or longer so he/she will be a part of your family for a long time. Bengal cats do have some unique qualities to consider as well. Please read the IS A BENGAL CAT THE PET FOR ME section of this web site. 

Each kitten is evaluated individually. The shipping cost will include an appropriate carrier, health certificate (as required by law), the airline cost, and other incidentals as applicable. As a general rule, it costs between $180 and $250 to ship your kitten to you. 

Kittens will be ready to go to new homes around 12 weeks of age at the discretion of the breeder. It is important to let kittens have time to mature and learn good litter box habits and socialization skills before leaving their mother. Your kitten is guaranteed to be healthy upon arriving at your home. A health check done by a licensed veterinarian of your choice is required within 72 hours of receipt of your kitten. This check is essential to document the kitten’s health upon arrival and is stipulated in the contract.

When your kittens arrives, he/she will have a folder that outlines all previous vet checks and immunizations received as well as when the next immunization is recommended. In addition, I provide a binder with the contract and additional information to help make his/her transition to a new home easier. Registration papers are included when a kitten is sold as a breeder or show kitten (if payment has been received in full). If a kitten is sold as a pet, it must never breed. The registration papers will be provided when proof of neuter/spay has been received.  

I love to talk 'BENGAL' ; please feel free to contact me at (318) 473-8156 or (318) 201-2758 for information. I can also be reached via e-mail (frequently a more reliable way to contact me). My e-mail address is below.


For more information e-mail